Silver Bullet Water Treatment

Besides eliminating the need to use hundreds of gallons of hazardous chemicals each month, the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system will:

  • kill bacteria and biological growth
  • reduce and prevent scaling
  • maintain corrosion rates

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment System has commercially demonstrated its effectiveness for water treatment in the battle against pathogenic bacteria, viruses, cysts, persistent organic compounds, taste, odor, corrosion and scaling. The Silver Bullet generates disinfectant Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) from ambient air in-situ, and does not involve the risks and dangers associated with storing and handling toxic, harmful chemicals. Based on this non- toxic, commercial approach to water treatment, the Silver Bullet has been granted many green and innovative business awards and certificates.

Paradigm has successfully installed dozens of Silver Bullet systems throughout the U.S.. in the past twelve months. We have successfully replaced traditional biocide chemistries with amazing effectiveness at equal or lower cost.

No chemicals, NO pumps, NO hazards... Just clean water.