Azo Tech™

2nd Generation Mold Resistance Chemistry - Azo Tech

Azo Tech™ represents the most comprehensive mold protection technology available today. This highly innovative chemistry helps fortify building materials to provide long lasting protection against mold.

Specifically Azo Tech :

· Controls more varieties of mold than other available products
· Out performs all other chemistries in extremely rigorous tests, such as ASTM 3273 and ASTM G-21
· Prevents mold growth even in intense moisture
· Is the only chemistry available today that has allowed wallboard manufacturers to achieve a GreenGuard certification for their products.

Azo Tech  has broad application use in gypsum wallboard facing paper, gypsum wallboard core treatment, ceiling tile, filter media, laminate backing, soap wrap, and more. 

For 15 years paradigm has pioneered the field of mold resistance chemistries for cellulose based products. It began with the research and commercialization of the original DIMTS chemistry used to produce the first “mold and mildew” resistant gypsum wallboard available in North America and continues today with the release of our 2nd Generation of Mold Resistance Chemistry – Azo Tech

No one can match our real-world experience for successfully applying mold resistance chemistries in challenging manufacturing environments. For as successful program, you need much more than just great chemistries, you need real process chemical expertise. Understanding how all the chemistries interact with the process and maximizing the efficiency of each is the key. This is where the value of Paradigm’s sales engineers and subject matter experts mean the most.

If you would like to learn how Paradigm can help you with your mold resistant projects, products, or programs, please contact your local Paradigm representative or visit our Contact Us page.