Fequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is "de-bundling" and how can it be good for me?

"De-bundling" is nothing more than giving the customer more choices. Traditional process chemical companies have many hidden costs bundled in the price of the chemical that you buy. De-bundling simply breaks out these costs and allows the customer to decide how best to spend their “chemical dollar.”

What geographical territories is Paradigm in?

We currently serve customers in the USA, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

I need an unbiased consultant to help me solve a process problem. Are your consulting services predicated on me having to buy your chemicals?

No, Our consulting services can be contracted separately and do not hinge on the purchase of any additives that we sell. Helping our customers solve process problems is the heart of what we do.

What is the difference between process chemicals, functional chemical and commodity chemicals and what does Paradigm supply?

Process chemicals are generally products that are added to a manufacturing process to make the process more efficient or to prevent some detrimental side effect. They generally do not impact the final product being produced.

Functional chemicals are additives that impart some attribute to the product being manufactured. Both functional and process chemicals are considered “specialties” because they require unique knowledge and experience in order to apply and monitor them correctly.

Commodity chemicals are additives that have virtually exact specifications regardless of who makes them and require no special experience to apply. They are generally mass produced and are differentiated only by price. Paradigm specializes in both process and functional chemicals.

Is it true that you are a "No Service" Company?

No – that could not be further from the truth. We offer customers many service options from traditional on-site full service to service on demand. The most important aspect of service is that our customer always knows what they are paying for and only pays for what they need and use.

Can you help me with my chemical feed and delivery systems?

Yes. We have many systems in inventory that we can lease or sell to you either directly or through product adders. We also have great relationships with several chemical feed equipment manufactures and would be glad to facilitate a relationship that best suits your needs.

I have a contract in place with another supplier but their products and services just are not meeting my needs. Is there anything I can do?

Most supply agreements and contracts have a meet or release type clause that allows you to replace incumbent suppliers if their products or services are not meeting the agreed upon criteria. Every situation is unique but very few contracts will force you to continue to buy when the criteria of success is not being met.

Can you custom formulate a product to meet my specific needs?

Absolutely! Custom formulations are nothing new to Paradigm and we are more than willing to asses your chemical needs and if necessary produce custom formulations that meet your exact needs.

What innovative products and ideas have you developed?

Paradigm was the first company to bring to market a fungicide for Mold and Mildew resistance in Gypsum Facing Paper in the U.S.. We also were the first to fully commercialize an effective alternative to polymer emulsification of ASA size in paper mill applications. Paradigm also is the first and only company to separate its service costs from product costs through our “de-bundling” approach.