Introducing parasize™ 220A – a step change in ASA technology!

Parasize 220A is a proprietary blend of C-20 chain length olefins combined with an exclusive “ASA Enhancer” that produces the most efficient paper sizing agent available today. 

In head-to-head comparisons with traditional ASA chemistries, parasize 220A has shown to reduce size consumption by as much as 20% to achieve the same cobb, water drop, or HST specifications.  The combination of C-20 olefins and enhancer produces a more stable emulsion that is easier to retain thus producing less hydrolyzed particles. Less hydrolyzed particles means a cleaner, more deposit free machine. 

This is truly the first real step change in ASA sizing technology in 30 years and is available exclusively from Paradigm Chemical & Consulting!

And best of all ….parasize 220A does not come with a “premium price”.  In fact, chances are very high that your unit cost for parasize 220A will be lower than what you are paying today for 30 year old technology.  Now add a 20% reduction in use AND utilize the lowest cost emulsifying agent in the market, parasize 400E, and you are assured of drastic cost improvements and efficiency gains that will be real and immediate!

Don’t waste another minute with your current ASA supplier!  Parasize 220A is commercially available NOW and can be emulsified with your current ASA equipment.  Every day you wait is wasted money!

Contact your local Paradigm Consultant today or give us call at 678-945-6742 to find out how you can dramatically improve your sizing efficiency and reduce you total sizing costs.

When you “join the revolution”…#ShiftHappens