New Strategic Partnership!

We are thrilled to announce the formation of a strategic collaboration with NCR Biochemical, Europe’s leading supplier of specialty chemicals, to bring their world class tissue and towel chemistries to the North American Market. NCR Biochemical has a long history of innovation and unmatched success in providing effective Crepe and Release applications, throughout Europe.

Combining their chemistries with Paradigm’s robust portfolio of proven specialty chemicals and unequalled application expertise under one umbrella means today’s North American Tissue and Towel manufacturers finally have competitive options in sourcing proven solutions that previously did not exist here.

This partnership is poised to deliver unprecedented success in addressing today’s challenges for tissue and towel producers. Our combined resources, speed to market, localized decision making, and domestic manufacturing means we can deliver real, measurable results faster and with less headache and bureaucracy than the legacy, silo driven and unfocussed behemoths that currently dominate the supply side of the tissue and towel additives market.

We are thrilled to announce that yesterday’s options are obsolete. Welcome to today and the world where your specialty chemical supplier is focused on you and your success and is committed to your industry for the long haul.

Tissue and Towel producers now is the time to “join the revolution and make the paradigm shift”!

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