What Your ASA Costs Really Are...

What makes parasize unique? We have made great improvement in the three most critical areas of ASA size application.

1. Our neat ASA molecule is vastly superior to competitive products due to its precise positioning of the double carbon bond

2. Our proprietary emulsifying agent allows for lower dosages of emulsifier to be used, which translates into longer solution tank holding times. This is accomplished without the addition of extra surfactants

3. Our specialty designed makedown and feed equipment ensures that the proper mixing energy is applied for optimal particle size distribution

Improvements in these three areas add up to less usage, less deposits, greater sizing efficiency, longer shelf life and ultimately lower cost. In five recent head to head trials with competitive ASA products (starch and polymer based), we have seen the following:

  • 10-15% improvement in efficiency
  • 15-20% reduction in price
  • Up to 35% reduction in total cost with a final
  • emulsified price per pound under $1.65.

Compare this with current market pricing of $2.00-$3.00 per emulsified pound and you will be ready to make the Paradigm shift.

Competitive Example Paradigm Example
ASA component - $ 1.40/#
Emulsifying agent - $ 1.00/#
Emulsifying ratio - 1 part emulsifier to 1 part ASA
Price per emulsified pound:
$1.00 + $1.40 = $2.40 per emulsified pound
parasize 218A - $1.40/#
parasize 400E - $ 0.50/#
Emulsifying ratio - 0.5 parts emulsifier to 1 part ASA
Price per emulsified pound:
$0.25 + $1.40 = $1.65 per emulsified pound