About Us

Welcome to the World of Paradigm!

Paradigm Chemical and Consulting, LLC is a privately held, global leader in providing specialty and functional chemicals and application expertise to the pulp, paper, mining, and water treatment industries. Our corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing and distribution facility is in Acworth, Georgia USA.  Our network of contract manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and strategic partnerships give us a global reach while our private ownership ensures customer intimacy and focus that is unmatched by anyone in our industry.  Founded in the October, 2000 we have grown into one of the most trusted, experienced, and responsive specialty chemicals company’s in business today.

A World of Experience!

150 + years of hands on experience in developing, applying, and monitoring process chemicals makes us unique.  Paradigm’s team of highly skilled and experienced consultants and engineers are some of the best available in the industry today.  From white top linerboard, to mineral processing and preservation to sludge press dewatering, we have the depth of knowledge necessary to make your process run smoothly and effectively.

A World of Chemistry!

From unique barium sulfate scale control to custom formulated cleaning compounds for wet felts and magnet washing, no one has broader or deeper portfolio of chemistries to address the simplest and most complex process problems today.  Our extensive offering of retention aids for paper machines, waste and water treatment polymers, biocides, defoamers, dispersants, and cleaners are not only best in class but are some of the lowest cost available anywhere!

A World of Leadership and Innovation!

Paradigm is leading the supply side revolution by breaking out the costs of on-site service, chemistry, and equipment so you will always know the true cost of your chemical applications.  Paradigm lead the way by being the first to introduce mold and fungal inhibition chemistry to gypsum wallboard applications. We continue that streak of innovation by delivering cutting edge barrier coatings, best in class stickies control and state-of-the art advanced oxidation process (AOP) technology for water treatment.

This is our world!  A world where experience, chemistry, leadership, and innovation come to together to serve you, our customers.  Please take the time to explore our world and you will find out why so many people are “joining the revolution” and making the “paradigm shift!”