Applying the right product at the right time and in the right place is key to all great process chemical applications. But if the “right product” turns out to be poor quality then you are sunk.  That is why choosing us to supply your chemical products is more than a great idea it is truly a “paradigm shift”.  We are a true basic manufacturer of process additives with rigorous quality control standards.  We have hundreds of proven product solutions and the capability and flexibility to custom blend a solution to fit your exact process needs.  We are big enough to supply some of the largest industrial customers in the World yet small enough to care about each and every shipment that bears our name.  And best of all, virtually all of our portfolio of products are made here in the USA!

Pulp and Paper Applications

From the river to the reel – no one has a more comprehensive portfolio of product and application solutions than Paradigm!  With 150 years of combined papermaking and chemical application expertise no one is more prepared to solve your problems, improve your quality, or lower your variable cost.

Mining Applications

Kaolin, Carbonate and other pigment producers need look no further than Paradigm for their process chemical solutions. With 150 years of application expertise, no one is better positioned to serve the needs of the mining industry than Paradigm. From liquid solid separation chemistry, to rail car preservation of pigment slurries, to unique cleaning chemistries, we have the solutions and experience to make your operations not just more efficient but more profitable!

Boiler & Water Treatment 

Are you looking for a real alternative to the high costs or boiler and water treatment from the “big boys”? Feel like you are just a number on invoice?  Do you need real experience and real expertise?  Then you are ready to make the #ParadigmShift! With over 150 years of application expertise we are your true alternative to high cost suppliers.  From a small package boiler to giant sludge presses and everything in between, we have the solutions to effectively drive cost out of your operation!