Customer Intimate with a Global Reach

Paradigm has "boots on the ground" throughout Central and South America. To better serve our Latin American customers, we have a dedicated spanish speaking technical and customer service staff.

Our proven process chemistry, subject matter experts, superior application technology, and consulting solutions truly have a global reach.  Since 2000, Paradigm Chemical and Consulting, has delivered consistent and proven results for our customer in the US and around the Globe. 

From South and Central America, throughout Europe and into Asia our customers have enjoyed access to our broad portfolio of products and services that has made Paradigm Chemical and Consulting such as an overwhelming success in North America.

With global banking and distribution relationships, VAT registration, and the necessary “boots on the ground”, Paradigm has established a solid platform for growth in our chosen fields of service.

So no matter where you are, no matter what your needs, Paradigm can help you take control of your process chemical needs.