Consulting Services

Paradigm is proud to be the only major process chemical supplier who can offer on-site consulting services independent of our process chemicals.  Once again Paradigm is revolutionizing the way our customers purchase goods and services.  It’s all part of our de-bundling concept – more choices – more control for you our customer.

Here is a sampling of the consulting services we offer on a per-diem basis regardless if you purchase chemicals from us or not;

  • Paper Machine wet-end audit
  • Paper Machine press section audit
  • Microbiological survey
  • Flotation Save-all Study
  • Particle Size Analysis (sizing)
  • Deposit Analysis/Identification
  • ASTM G-21/3273 Mold Testing
  • HPLC/FTIR Identification
  • Fiber Loss Study
  • Pulp Mill Survey
  • Operator Training & Safety Modules
  • RFP Development and Implementation
  • Process Chemical Procurement Consulting

Our goal is to educated you the customer in as many ways as possible.  We firmly believe that the better informed you are the better buying decisions you can make.

So if you have a process problem you need to have troubleshot or just would like a second set of eyes review your current program, feel free to give us a call.